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We have successfully represented many Subcontractors, Contractors and Employers in numerous Adjudications concerning:

  • Payment Disputes
  • Retention Release
  • Defects and associated rectification costs
  • Extensions of Time
  • Loss and Expense
  • Liquidated Damages
  • Contra-Charges
  • Damages for Breach of Contract
  • Loss of Profit

Adjudication was made part of the UK's Construction Law in 1998.

Once commenced, Adjudication is a 28-day process, with the Adjudicator's Decision being binding on both parties, enforceable at law.

If you are owed money under a construction contract or subcontract, the likelihood is that we will be able to successfully recover payment on your behalf. We will firstly review the strengths of your case with you, and then agree the strategy needed to obtain your money.